REVOLUTION – a word with many meanings… A word that signifies many emotions… A word that is very versatile…  A word that evokes different images for different people… A word that may hold a different imaginary for each of us…

What is revolution? What images thoughts, emotions, events and moments does it invoke for you? What history is and what stories does it bring up in your mind? In other words, talk about the many meanings of revolution… Build a conversation between each other on this word and its many meanings.

17 thoughts on “REVOLUTION!!!

  1. After reading this prompt about the revolution, there are many thoughts that could come to your head at that split second. A revolution is when drastic change is brought about in whichever topic is talked about. Revolution could come about in war, technology, and social change. Revolution can happen when people want and need change. This is very important because it can bring people together and start a movement of change. Having a revolution can take place anywhere in the world. Thinking of the term revolution, there is an emphasis on anything that is creating a new outlook in the world. A revolution brings about new ideas and actions by leaders. Emotions run high with a revolution because an uncertainty is present. There is no precedent during any kind of revolution, so there can be no prediction on what is happening or what is going to happen. Images of either some kind of war or new technology come to mind when thinking of a revolution. There might not be physical fighting, but new social change and policy between parties can be occurring. Many people do not use revolution daily, so when a revolution becomes present, there is a lot of press about it. Does anyone know of any revolutions that they are for/against?


  2. Revolution means to move in a new direction or to revive. When a person thinks of the of the word revolution, the thoughts or images that come to mind are people or events that looked to add new things to society or bring back important things to society. There are movements or important actions done throughout history which one can consider a revolution. Some examples are the Civil Rights Movement, the Great Awakening, the advent of personal computers, .com boom, or the Women’s Suffrage. Each example has made an impact throughout history and continues to do so. The word revolution can also invoke emotions. Emotions that align with revolution are anger, justice, hope, covetousness, or excitement. Each emotion has been part of some revolution that has taken place in history. For example, during the French Revolution it can be said that Napoleon felt covetousness because he desire to conquer all of Europe while building his country’s power. This what comes to mind when I think about the word revolution.


  3. In my opinion, revolution means a complete change that is usually identical with political and/or government related issues. However, revolution can also be interpreted as a breakthrough not only within political issues but also within the technology field. Since we are taking an IT course, therefore it is very obvious that we’ve seen a lot of changes starting from the Internet growth as well as gadgets that keep getting better each day.

    When I think about revolution, I think about positive breakthroughs that promote better equality. For example, the French Revolution whose main point was to completely change the structure of its political relationship between the rulers and the society with a goal to reshape its political relationship within the French government. I also think that with revolution, there’s no easy way to achieve the goals. In the events of popular revolutions within the history subject such as the French revolution, for example, did not have a smooth transition. It was chaotic at first due to the nature of the society. I strongly believe that every change and/or transition that humans have to go through will experience some kind of issues in accepting the changes that are currently happening.

    Another example that related to IT would be the New York Subway MetroCard which apparently is reported to remove the MTA machines by 2023 while replacing them with OMNY vending machine that is reportedly should be more convenient than the current MTA machine — using contactless payment methods like smartphone, for an instance.

    Looking forward to reading everyone else’s posts.


    1. Great post Nagarial. I would like to expand on your. I find that political revolutions tend to only affect the people involved. Whereas a shift in new technology affects the whole world simultaneously (unless some part of the world does not have access to the new tech)


  4. Revolution is everywhere and we all are part of it. Health and fitness industry is at its peak when I think of revolution.

    To keep pace with today’s world, we need to prepare ourselves in each aspect of life – mentally, physically & emotionally. When I think of the physical revolution (health & fitness industry), I can see how the health and food industry has changed substantially.
    We all have witnessed the revolution in the health care and fitness industry and how this revolution has triggered the wave in Food Industry.

    Nowadays, all of us are becoming very conscious of what we eat and how can we keep ourselves healthy in today’s world and this brought the revolution of delivering homemade or healthy food to our doorsteps.

    Our busy schedules and different dietary preferences have changed the overall functioning of the food industry and this is what I feel is the major revolution over the past few decades.
    Not only this the healthcare industry has revolved and we have moved from paper to electronic data


  5. Revolution means to evolve into new things. When there is a revolution change is inevitable and you get to see many new things.

    One thing I think of when I hear revolution is all the different iPhones that have been released over the years and how each iPhone brings something new and innovative to the table


  6. The term revolution makes me think of a radical shift or change in how something is currently executed. Revolution makes me think of historical examples like the Revolutionary War or massive turning points and moments in history that caused a lot of change. Martin Luther King and George Floyd are examples of people who caused shifts in history that will forever be remembered. Their influence caused change and a drive to improve upon lacking systems in government. Outside of history, a revolution could be a shift in how people think or how people conduct business. Cryptocurrency has changed how people invest their money and how they pay for items. Large companies like Tesla have invested in cryptocurrency, influencing many people to believe this is the future way of spending money. The metaverse is another example of a radical change that will alter people’s perception of reality. The metaverse is a virtual platform where people are able to shift their everyday life to a virtual world where they can do endless activities like connecting with people, shopping, and working. The possibilities of the metaverse are endless as people will be able to use it for work, meetings, and personal use.

    Revolution in regards to information technology would reference the constant improvements made in technology every year. Technology has helped companies reach success and expand to global markets. These advancements improved the quality of life for people as well as increased efficiency at work. Databases help store data for companies and analytical tools like Power BI help companies process data. These improvements have erased the need for paper copies of work materials and helped employees work faster with more accuracy. Information technology works faster than people and helps automate everyday tasks so people can focus on getting additional things done.


  7. The definition of revolution can boil down to a shift or change that has led to a change in society or a change in a government’s structure. Typically what comes to mind when thinking of a revolution is the American revolution and the French revolution, or other revolutionary wars around the world that marked a change in that country’s history/political climate. This is because I personally like history and the effects that those revolutions have on history and today. However revolution can be much more than just war. One revolution I think about, was more so a revolutionary idea, that idea was the iPhone and how Steve Jobs changed the technology industry and the cellular industry with just the one announcement in 2012. Now everyone has a smartphone or smart device that they use daily to help them with their job or to communicate with friends. Revolutions are seen throughout history and even today, from technology to wars to social change, they are forever engrained in human society. It is whether society/history will look favorably upon such revolutionaries is the question, for there are advantages and disadvantages to revolutionary ideas, both past and present.


  8. To me, this word can have thousands of different meanings, but to sum up my ideas into one solid statement, I would say that the word revolution means something that creates significant change and leaving a significant impact on something that already exists. One of the first things that comes to my mind when I think of the word revolution is the Industrial Revolution. This was a time period where products were being created for the first time by machines instead of by hand. These machines were not even considered possible in the years before their creation, but once they were used for the first time, it was obvious that they would change the history of product manufacturing. These machines significantly reduced production time, and could also mass produce (which is could be considered a revolution in itself). This word also makes me think of technology, and how much it has been able to change in recent years. 10 years ago, we were using flip phones and other devices where you could only text or call an individual. Now, we have touch screen phones, computers, and other devices that we can call, text, video call, work, play and interact on. Technology has revolutionized itself in order to accommodate to the constantly changing needs and wants of customers.


  9. In general, a revolution is the latest innovation or sudden modification made to something. In many instances, we think of a revolution as political. Few individuals will not be happy with their daily lives. In that case, some people will complain about the whole government system. Among those individuals, few will make a group; to discuss their views, opinion and plan to bring some changes in society and the political system. That change is known as a “revolution.”

    Usually, a revolution comprises war and political controversies. However, some revolutions occurred without war. One of the most profound revolutions would be the Industrial Revolution, which impacted human lives in several ways. Further discussion of the Industrial Revolution is more pertinent to the course of Information Technology Management. The most exciting thing about learning about the Industrial Revolution was its fusion of technology with industry. Significant discoveries and changes were made to construct every area of people’s daily lives together with the industrial sector and develop various new industries, which is incredible.

    A few of the latest innovations in Information technology incorporate the merge of formerly evident and different technologies. Advancements in information technology have generated massive productivity outcomes, causing prices, including significant improvements in the technical performance of various products and services. We are talking about the considerable revolution/changes that occurred due to developments in the information technology sector. Some examples are the materials replaced by mechanicals like watches, specifically the older electronics like computers, by generating new products, i.e., laptops, video games, tablets, smartphones, etc. These latest innovations in information technology have impacted people’s daily lives. So the revolution, specifically in the area of information technology and also other industrial areas, has continued to the current day.


  10. For me I am a music nut. A revolution to me is usually when a new sound dominates our airwaves from a creative source. For the easiest example we can look at the Beatles, who completely changed how songs were written and sold in the 1960’s. Every artist was trying to be them and every producer was rushing to sign bands that sounded like them. Music in my opinion dictates culture, it was not simply sound, music can change personal aesthetic, opinions, and the way humans interact with each other. Each time creatives have changed the way we think about music, the culture seems to shift along with it. This to me is what revolution means

    Revolution in a societal sense is any thing that helps shift thinking and communication. How humans interact and think as a unit is what drives revolution. The culture shift and progress is fundamental part of revolutionizing anything. This can apply to new technology, music, movies, politics, etc etc.


  11. When I think of what revolution means to me, I get goosebumps! The word revolution signifies POWER and GROWTH for me. I love studying great women who organized and fought for the rights of humanity. So many women worldwide have stood up for their rights and paved the way for women like myself. When I think of revolution, I think of the incredible Sojourner Truth, the fearless female warriors of Dahomey (Benin) of the 18th century, and Yaa Asantewas, to name a few. Through my travels, I had the opportunity to visit the battlegrounds of the great Queen Mother Yaa Asantewaa in Kumasi, Ghana. Legend has it that this great female revolutionary gathered an army of thousands, including both males and females and bravely fought off the British to gain independence in the 1900s. Unfortunately, while visiting Kumasi, I learned that Ghana is still being punished by the British and their allies because they fought for their freedom.
    Did you know that Ghanaians can send money to any other place in the world? The purpose of stopping Ghanians from sending money is to restrict economic growth so they can not compete with other countries. Revolutionaries will inspire me to stand up and fight for their rights. Throughout history, women have challenged the political, social, and cultural systems to make a better place for all of us, and I think we should teach about these great women more. I a self-employed general contractor, and I work within the HVAC industry. I am motivated by women who have paved the way for people like myself. It is hard working in a male-dominated sector, and the only thing that keeps me going is the inspiration of women who came before me, like the iconic Alice Parker, the Mother of HVAC. Did you know that Ms. Parker is a New Jersey Native and holds the patent for the first central heating system controlled by natural gas? This great woman is why we won’t freeze our tails off this winter, and she deserves more recognition. Revolution! Revolution! Revolution!


  12. Revolutions are typically organized movements aimed at bringing about change—economic change, technological change, political change, or social change. People who start revolutions have determined that society’s current institutions have failed or no longer serve their intended purpose.


  13. In my opinion, revolution is a radical change. For example, the French Revolution brought down the monarchy and France set up a democratic system.
    There is also the industrial revolution, a 19th-century historical process that transformed a largely rural and artisanal society into a commercial and industrial society.
    Nowadays, we hear more and more about the digital revolution; the advancement of computers and other technological components has resulted in the incorporation of digital instruments into industrial processes at the end of the 1950s. As a result, by the end of the 1970s, digital technology had already permeated the economy. This prompted rapid changes in economic and social growth. The advent of personal computers, the Internet, and cellphones heralded the “information age,” as some refer to it.
    So in general the word Revolution means a big change and an evolution at the same time.


  14. The first thing that I think of when I hear the word revolution is change. I think it can be used for both big and small situations however I feel like normally only larger situations are referred to as revolutions. I feel like real revolutions happen when there is a real need for change. Somebody needing to be overthrown and/or society needing a new system. One specific historical event that comes to mind is the industrial revolution. Which brought so many changes to the economy and factories with the new inventions that were being made. The main emotion that comes to mind with revolution is happiness, as if you can take a breath of fresh air with the new beginnings ahead. Even though not all revolutions are so simple they mostly do lead to better things. Another small thing that I think of with the word revolution is the sun. It takes earth about 365 days to travel around the sun and that year-long trip is called the period of revolution.


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